Who we are

Sumasa’s mission is to manufacture and supply a wide range of quality elevators to installation and service companies globally. Our standard product range is diverse, from the smallest 100kg models to massive industrial lifts of up to 30 tonne payloads. Our design offers total flexibility as to lift car size and shape, with self-supporting shaft structures available where required.Founded in 1983, our facilities now include global logistics centers in Madrid and Barcelona, stocked with spare parts and modernization components for multiple lift brands.Working with a growing customer base of local lift companies, Sumasa now provides sales and service support to partners over 45 countries.

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Sumasa now has an extensive international presence. Product development and engineering innovation means our products are consistently at the forefront of global technological trends. Utilizing custom software and innovative engineering, Sumasa can provide lift designs to existing buildings, thereby providing access to the elderly or disabled persons. Where normal hoistway travel tolerances are restricted, pit depth can be reduced to 160mm and headroom to 2350mm.

Sumasa can provide irregular shaped lifts and solutions in highly restricted hoistway situations, with shaft widths as small as 670mm and depth of 600m. Sumasa takes pride in product development, utilizing cutting-edge design technology, creating energy-efficient elevators for new or existing buildings, in domestic, commercial or industrial applications.